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PRO DIALOGUE | Finance & Enterprise 

International finance has presented business and the general public an uncertain, threatening and uninspiring picture in the past few years. Financial collapse and recession, instability, large-scale irresponsibility and even corruption – and questions over the basic questions of governance, even economic and monetary theory – have been the daily news for countless months now. Who’s […]

Feel-Good, Do-Good Food: Part 2 

Eating for Sustainability

Once upon a time there was a girl (you met her in Feel-Good, Do-Good Food: Part 1), who loved to eat meat. Then she read a couple of books, met some people, and

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became vegan, The End… Not quite.

I’m sure this story sounds familiar, I mean most of us are not born with a strong sense of the political. And while some of us find our way sooner than others, and other of us find our way later than some, the point is values change, priorities shift, new information is uncovered and decisions made in haste (like

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becoming a vegan) are reexamined.

Veg-Can… Veg-Can’t

For this particular girl, being vegan was a rushed response to prior ignorance of the state and impact of the meat industry- complete shock and horror that resulted in a head first dive into staunch, vegan outrage. But it was not to last. Many people can happily and healthily maintain a plant-based diet, but in this case health was an issue and so was happiness. A love of well paired flavours, scents, colours, textures, and temperatures, visiting restaurants, and cooking at home meant that I felt deprived, unable to be myself.

Once the outrage had subsided however, I was able to examine what I really had a problem with, read a bit more, googled, talked to people and moved towards a position that felt better: gradually including eggs that I felt okay with, milk that I felt okay with and deciding that meat was okay as long as certain requirements or conditions were met. This might sound like a hopeless failure, or the reaction of someone who’s self-discipline didn’t support their values. I don’t see it that way (you don’t say…), I prefer to see it as conscious consumption- I am the person who has the values that I have, the same person that decides what to buy and what to eat. By consciously acknowledging this and informing myself about what is involved in getting the food to may plate, I eat in a way that reflects these values- without giving it a name or raising expectations. It applies to vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes too (on the topic of food). Being conscious of your impact isn’t limited to ignoring meat and tucking into the quinoa- something that seems to be left out of the discussion to an extent.

As I type all this, it seems kind of obvious- I suppose it is, but sometimes the obvious things take the longest to learn.

Limitations can sometimes give rise to far richer pickings than unrestrained choice

I still eat plant-based meals most of the time, I haven’t gone and gorged myself on steak after giving myself the permission to do so. This surprises

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me, but pleasantly so. Another thing happened though, through all this thinking and figuring out, the meals I cooked with the limited options I had became so much more intricate and considered, and received so much more effort and patience than I ever used before. In large part it was due to the only vegan cookbook I own- Veganomicon (written by the ladies of the Post

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Punk Kitchen

), which inspired me

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into creativity.

Sustainable food does not equal boring food

But it does require some effort to find out what to take into consideration, reliable sources of information and maybe learning a few new recipes…To make it easier for you (and me) Futureperfect has the pleasure and good fortune to welcome the Brydling Sisters, Ulrika and Carina to Futureperfect 2013 at Grinda, on 15/8 at 16:30. They will help us understand what goes into making a sustainable meal from

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farm to table, in their seminar entitled ‘Who creates the food system?’. And if that wasn’t awesome enough, you can go up to Grinda Wärdshus at 12:30 on the same day and get lunch, specially prepared by the Brydling sisters according to their philosophy on sustainable eating.

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 6.00.50 PMScreen Shot 2013-07-12 at 5.59.57 PM


On Sunday…

Look out for the final installment of Feel-Good, Do-Good Food- in which I will discuss the gastronomical stylings of the chefs behind Gastrologik, and their take on shaping a sustainable menu.


Illustration: Mark Frudd


Feel-Good, Do-Good Food: Part 1 

Why we want better food in our stores and on our plates

Part of the challenge of sustainability so far has been finding solutions that don’t make our lives less rich, less enjoyable or less functional. A large part of this discussion, and one that affects our daily lives, is food. Many of us are aware of the less than pleasant reality that exists behind the meals we eat, weather it relates to the environmental, cultural, economic or humanitarian repercussions- and for many of us, choosing sustainability has meant the loss of a part of ourselves, or a guilty conscience- Think of the gourmand who finds it difficult to justify going to the restaurants they so enjoy, or the BBQ aficionado who finds their weekly grill-fest untenable. Joins us on Grinda, at Futureperfect 2013, to find out more about farming, cooking and eating experiences that are both sustainable and enriching- feel-good, do-good food!

From The Farm

I’m South African, and in South Africa we eat meat, A LOT of it. Just like Swedes have the Kräftskiva, we have Braai Day, a nationally celebrated day of barbecuing meat, preferably over a

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wood fire (in my opinion). Summers in South Africa are long, and winter is

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short and mild, which means that besides Braai Day, there is plenty of opportunity for us to partake in our favorite national past-time. Ask any South African and I guarantee you that a braai is among the top 5 things we are likely to do, come rain, heat, wind or rugby. There is a saying in Afrikaans that translates to something like… and for vegetables we eat pork… I think you get the picture.

Sadly, this part of my culture is no longer something I take part in, I want to, but I can’t stomach (fitting pun, no?) the consequences of supporting an industry that is so wasteful, and so harmful to the biosphere.

NO, This is Not a Moral Rant…

Regardless of your ethical stand-point, the main thing is, production of beef by (most) industry standards is unnecessary. There are, in fact, better ways of raising beef cattle here in Sweden, that provide us with more nourishment and at the same time fulfill another function- protecting and maintaining the natural, indigenous pastures of the Scandinavian countryside.

The WWF is working with, and has commissioned a report on, the use of Naturbetesmarker in cattle farming.

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 12.39.28 PM

Jan Wärnbäck (@JBWarnback), of the WWF, will be at Futureperfect 2013 to discuss this method of raising beef cattle that positively impacts the Swedish biosphere. So join us! That way, if you have any questions, you can ask the expert.


There’s More…

If, like me, this has got you wondering more about what we eat, look out posts over the next few days. I will be writing about the other food seminars at FP 2013: ‘What is a sustainable meal?’ given by the

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Brydling Sisters and ‘Who decides what’s on the menu?’ presented by Jakob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr of Gastrologik.


illustration from:

photo from: WWF

Harvesting ideas | Cocreation 


You go to an event, have amazing conversations and meet new people that spark new insights. You have a great time. You think – I’ll remember this and think about it later!

Then you have another interesting, insightful conversation, and think – I really want to learn more about this.

When you find yourself at home its always hard to remember those details of terrific conversations. At Futureperfect CoCreation we are committed to helping you and everyone capture the ideas that you come up with in our multidimensional harvesting.


At the CoCreation you will be invited to start

conversations and given a kit

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that guides you through the process. No matter which direction the discussion takes you can capture it. This will then be displayed in a harvest exhibition that you can go back to and remind yourself. We will also facilitate online harvesting through twitter (#FPGrinda).

And if you are really passionate about the outcomes we will help you build the network around it for future action.

Open Space

The methodology is based on Open Space Technology where your questions are at the centre of attention.

Open Space is a method for participant driven conversations at events and meetings. It has the

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energy of a good coffee break and forsters intentional self-organization. At Futureperfect open space is a very loose structure where your spontanoues conversations are hosted. By setting an intentional question and harvesting the ideas that appear you will be part of imagining a new future.



Futureperfect Local Business Giveaway

Futureperfect is rewarding local companies who are working every day to create sustainable lifestyle choices. Every week we’ll be giving three companies two one day Co-Creation tickets for our event on Grinda Island from August 15-17, valued at over 2,000 SEK. This is part of our ongoing effort to create the most open, diverse, and meaningful conversations on lifestyles that are sustainable and attractive.

If you want to reward a company you think is creating sustainable lifestyle choices, or would like your company considered, entry is easy. Just post a link to the company Facebook page or website in the comments of this blog post or on the FuturePerfect Facebook page. This company will then be eligible to receive two tickets to our Co-Creation program. And hey, if you want to brag a bit and say why this company is making the world a better place, that’s welcome too!

About Co-Creation

The Co-Creation concept provides an open space for conversations and in-depth seminars around key activities of sustainable lifestyles. Each day is concluded with a Forum panel debate with leaders in identifying and creating value for sustainable living. Topics range from the creation and communication of value in the 21st century, the hidden value of beef, environmental cost of water, travel, sustainable gastronomy, hosted by leaders like WWF, michelin-star Restaurant Gastrologik, Schyst Resande, Global Utmaning and more.

Individual tickets for all event levels can be purchased here.

We believe this provides the best opportunity for idea exchange, growth and networking around new lifestyle choices, and is a must for anybody looking to learn and keep

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up with current trends. We look forward to sharing this gift with three deserving companies this week!

Connectivity and sunshine | Urban Farming 

The cities of the future are being built with pieces from our present and our past

Urban farming is a trend that has been popping up in cities for the last few years- it sees

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the transformation of unused, unloved spaces in cities to areas of beauty and value, where a sense of community forms on the foundation of soil, seeds and sunshine. It is an example of the shift towards collaborative consumption lifestyles, through which the previously isolated urban lifestyle is being transformed by consumption practices that combine modern connectivity with the community spirit and values of days past. Two examples right here in Stockholm that echo this theme of old and new are Rosendals

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and Trädgård På Spåret.

Totally Stockholm takes a look at these two gardens in their current issue, check out these links to find out more about what’s happening and how you can join in at Rosendals and På Spåret!

If you like the sound of this and think that collaborative consumption sounds interesting, join us at FuturePerfect 2013, where some fantastic people will be gathering to hear from Sofia Hamrin about this lifestyle. Check out everything that will be on offer during three days of fun, inspiring discussions and networking, on the program tab

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at the top of the page!


image credit: 
Urban buzz | Bee Urban 

Bee Urban is awarded Primes Social initiative of the Year 2013


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Urban was founded by two environmentally conscious biologists, Karolina Lisslö & Josefina Oddsberg whose purpose is to spread awareness, knowledge about pollination and bees and their impact on the local as well as the global scale.

Bee Urban offers sponsorship of beehives to companies in the urban environment.

By combining passion for a thriving ecosystem and a compelling business proposition, BeeUrban is helping businesses contribute to a more liveble city. On the 4 July Bee Urban was awarded Social Initiative of 2013 by PR bureau Prime.

Don’t miss Futureperfect where Karolina Lisslö will discuss the future of urban development and share visions for a sustainable future in the Pro Dialogue program.

Read more about Bee Urban here.


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Design Master Class | XSkool 

Design för en Bioregion

Stockholms Skärgård söker efter nya sätt att ta sig an komplexa frågor om avfall, vatten, avlopp, kust- och havsförvaltning för resiliens och stabilitet av ekosystemtjänster. Dessa frågor har en sak gemensamt: det är situationer där vi interagerar med levande system. Naturresurs- och samhällsforskare beskriver dessa interaktioner mellan folk och levande system som social-ekologiska system.

De deltagande designskolorna konfronterar dessa frågor och generar kunskap, motivation, idéer och strategier för att bättre lösa dem. Aktiviteterna på Xskool på Grinda, innefattar


Deltagarna kommer vara bland

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de första design teamen, någonstans, som hjälper till att skapa design för en bioregion. De kommer att lära sig att utforska resurser, känna igen resurser och talanger, identifiera goda exempel och designens roll och betänka hur detta kan appliceras på framtida arbete.

XSkool som leds av John Thackara, grundare av Doors of Perception, är utformat som en utbildning baserat på samarbete som passar för designers och design studenter i ett öppet problemlösningsorienterat format. I samarbete med Futureperfect presenterar Xskool en utforskande, kreativ platform ihop med svenska designskolor, för att tillsammans lära, diskutera, arbeta, och träffa kollegor och sociala entreprenörer i Stockholms Skärgård.

Om du tycker att det här passar

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dig, kontakta

Directlink to tickets – very limited number of tickets!



MICHAEL TOIVIO, Futureperfect

JOHN THACKARA, Doors of Perception @johnthackara


Naturewalk | Urban herbalist 

Explore Grindas nature

Join herbalist and artist Amelia Bryne for a walking tour and talk on edible and medicinal plants. We will explore the ‘green medicine’ growing on Grinda island, talk about sustainable harvesting, and the ancient

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and modern relationships between wild medicinal plants and people. Amelia Bryne practices herbalism and visual anthropology in both New York City and on a small farm just north of Stockholm


Amelias naturewalk is part of the CoCreation program – join the program by getting your ticket here!

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