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Ida Auken is the Danish Minister for the Environment since the 3rd of October 2011.

We are proud that Denmark’s most dedicated environmental politician, who spoke at the festival 2011 – before she became Minister for the Environment – will speak again this year 2013!

Ida Auken has been actively involved in Danish politics for many years. As former Environmental Affairs spokeswoman in the Danish parliament and member of the Energy Policy Committee and the Environment and Regional Planning Committee she has played a vital role in shaipng Danish environmental policies 2007-2011.

If Ida had the chance to start today, tomorrow’s Denmark would be turned into a country known for its pioneering in climate related issues. Ida dreams about more wind turbines and renewable energy, collective and cheap transportation and limited vehicles in the future cities, so we don’t get stuck in pollution and traffic jams. Copenhagen is a city for cyclists and this has great potential.

Ida Auken holds Holds a master degree in theology. She is not only a clever environmentalist, she is also a politician who dares to deal with existential issues. Ida focusses on the relationship between religion and politics and includes issues of ethics and law.

Come and get inspired by Ida’s high ambitions about society and sustainable urban planning, which is all about how we want to be together – in the future.


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