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Dr Lisa Emelia Svensson is a diplomat by training, currently Swedens Ambassador for Oceans, Seas and Fresh Water, providing advice and expert guidance to the Minister for the Environment on the action needed to move forward on Swedens international ocean and water agenda. Prior posts include Ambassador for Corporate Social Responsibility and Swedens national expert to European Commission Directorial General for Trade, where she led negotiations on sustainable development chapters in EU Free Trade Agreements and Economic Partnership Agreements. Dr Svensson has been a Diplomat in Residence at Johns Hopkins University-SAIS, Washington D.C., where she carried out research on climate, energy and environmental issues and published the book Combating Climate Change A Transatlantic Approach to Common Solutions published in August 2008. 

She has been posted in New York, Washington D.C. and Brussels. She holds a PhD in Business Management, focusing on policies and action programmes to stimulate economic growth and innovation.


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