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Tom Strömberg is a member of the council of ethics in JAK. JAK of Sweden is a movement that emphasizes values for a social just and ecological sustainable economy and was established in 1965 with roots from 1931 in Denmark. The approximately 38 000 members own the bank together were they save and lend money from each other without interest. The organization holds local branches all over the country were the local members set up diverse activities. Networking with similar movements internationally and a special emphasize on the youth are two main focuses.

Tom has a diverse study background and engagements with a red line searching for an economy were humanity strives to “fit-in”- and play her role within the ecosystems rather than the notion of anthropocentrically controlling. Besides the great participatory environment within JAK, CEMUS at Uppsala University, former CUL at SLU and Green students has played an important role for his personal development so far.


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