PRO DIALOGUE | Finance & Enterprise 

International finance has presented business and the general public an uncertain, threatening and uninspiring picture in the past few years.

Financial collapse and recession, instability, large-scale irresponsibility and even corruption – and questions over the basic questions of governance, even economic and monetary theory – have been the daily news for countless months now.

Who’s in charge, how can things get better? In particular, how can the immense power of financial institutions and global-scale capital finally be applied fully and confidently to the issues on which everyone wants to see rapid progress. What kinds of new enterprises will rise up to meet the challenges, and who will finance them?

These will be the issues explored and developed by the Pro Dialogue on Finance and Enterprise. If the concepts of value creation are evolving in the 21st century, then the financial and enterprise worlds must be their home base.

The speakers of this dialogue are:

Amir Sajadi, Hjärna.Hjärta.Cash
Sam Cooley, Cooley Associates
Jonas Ahlén, SPP/Storebrand
Karan Partovi, Nordea Asset Management

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