There’s so much sustainability stuff.

So why Futureperfect?

John ManoochehriI have the view that social and material progress can’t be achieved by ignoring the ethical and resource limits of the world around us. But nor can it be achieved by just clinging to old ways of doing things and protecting whatever we decide to call ‘nature’.

Recognising limits is not the end of progress, it’s the beginning of it. Sustainability doesn’t tell us what to do, or how to be, any more than the net and tram-lines on a tennis court tell Federer how to play or how to win.

In short, Futureperfect is a love letter to reality. Wait, no, it’s a marriage proposal to reality. I love the world around us more than I can say, but not because it’s filled with fluffy creatures and nice colours. I love it because it’s magnificent, and in being complex and limited, it challenges us to be just as magnificent.

What is this for?

Futurepefect exists to connect people to ideas, to feelings, to each other, to projects, and to the world around them – in a way that enables change to happen. It’s not about information, or business networking, or empty partying: it’s about how, by bringing people together in a great way, great things happen.

Any excellent company, university, party, festival, relationship, meal, experience, is more than the sum of its, often simple, parts. Our goal is to choose great components for an informative, creative, fun, welcoming event – and then go way beyond them, by combining them well.

What is Futureperfect?

We are a not-for-profit economic association based in Stockholm, which organises events and activities, where the highest quality speakers come together in innovative formats – sometimes in provocative combinations – to inspire and motivate audiences to become more fully involved in making a new world for all of us.

Why is it different?

We think Futureperfect events

  • host the highest-quality speakers and input, while making an informal and social experience
  • create provocative and interesting discussion and interaction formats, while being welcome for all
  • enable creative and spontaneous input, without being chaotic
  • make experiences that are personally rewarding without being selfish
  • offer an atmosphere that is very positive without being complacent
  • give people and professionals a motivation that’s more than just enthusiasm

… and more, depending on who you are. We really think it’s different to what’s going on otherwise, and we are only just starting.

What’s happening next week?

Next week, 15-17 August, we hold our third summer event in a new venue, Grinda, in partnership with Grinda Wärdhus, Skärgårdsstiftelsen, and more, around which we have established during the year a large set of new, long-term of collaborations with Members and partners to take the summer event to a large scale in future years.

There’ll be 50 of the top speakers and actors in sustainable themes from across Sweden and Europe open for discussion and interaction – from architecture and cities, to design and creativity, to finance and enterprise, to water and nature, to culture and youth, and more.

And there will be nature, great bands and djs, yoga, walks, kayaking, and not least world-class food – by Michelin-starred Gastrologik, the Brydling Sisters, and Grinda Wärdshus itself.

The usual in other words. It’s great stuff.

What did we do before?

Futureperfect has held a festival-style summer event since 2011. Between these events we have held events and activities at venues in Stockholm including Fotografiska, Rosendals Trädgård, The

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Hub and more – including in London, Helsinki, Berlin and others. Our first event this year was a sell-out Forum, dinner, and music evening with Mathias Dahlgren, Carolyn Steel and many more.

What’s next?

After Futureperfect 2013 summer event, Futureperfect is organising the Urban Futures Forum at BIG architects in Copenhagen, in collaboration with the Danish Ministry of Environment, for a group of 40 international architects, developers and financiers. And then we are planning to release an autumn and spring calendar of smaller events – and to develop a much larger festival for 2014 on Grinda. Hopefully all that will involve you.

What do I want from you?

Firstly, I really would like you

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to come to our summer event next week, and if that’s not possible, for you to consider joining – even from far away – in future years. I’d like you to look up the event at http://futureperfect.se, and consider how you can be part of it, whether as a professional, generally curious person, or a partner. Consider whether your friends and colleagues might enjoy it.

Grab a ticket and/or contact us at info@futurepefect.se to become part of it, http://futureperfect.se/tickets. You can get accommodation via Grinda’s website http://grinda.se.

If you can’t come next week – and in particular if you are thinking, wait, why did I get this message anyway? – please take a moment to think about the project, it’s ideas and what it wants to do.

I feel simultaneously

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almost pure motivation and gratitude when I consider the magic of the world we get to live in – whether it be the physics of stuff, the colours and fluffy creatures out there in the living world, music and film, human culture and technology in all its weird complexity, playing marble-flicking games on an iPad with my sister in Venice in an AirBnB apartment rented by my mum – coupled with an ocean of worry when I consider how poorly the society I live in is waking up to this potential.

If you aren’t involved in these issues, and even if you are, please consider particpating in Futureperfect. Start by finding out more about what are and what we’ve done at http://futureperfect.se/en.

You could become an organisational member, if you want your business and organisation to move forward in this sustainability stuff in way that is rich in specific content, but wrapped in a fun and high-quality community. Join as an individual if you feel other ways to engage with sustainability maybe aren’t providing a space for your own development and creativity. Write to me at jm@futureperfect.se for a personal description of why I think you should join! Membership sign up is here: http://futureperfect.se/membership. No really, go for it: I want to try to convince you!

If that’s not possible or interesting right now, then at least consider coming to one of our future events. The schedule will go up at the end of this month, and you can register for more information by just writing to us at info@futureperfect.se.

If nothing else, tell

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me I’m talking rubbish or wasting my time and money – and show me how to create change, better than this, anyway.

Why am I doing this?

I created this project, and continue to put a giant share of my effort and income into it (which I otherwise get from architecture and lecturing and teaching) because I give a shit. Sometimes I wish I didn’t, but it’s a genetic thing, I think, I can’t choose any more. I started my career by writing the policy on sustainable urban lifestyles of the UN Environment Program, but I left there and became an architect because I realised more rules won’t change the world – and more creativity, and more quality, just might.

I want other people to

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enjoy and benefit from what we are starting to achieve – but I really need you to be involved. This is the first time in my life I have ever written to my entire address book. I just think it’s time to take the covers off and invite you to have a peek. With you and your friends and organisation involved, I know something even more magical could happen.

If I don’t know you so well, and you got this far, thanks, and I hope to get to know you better!

If I do know you, maybe consider now’s the time to jump in further with this – you know I’ll track you down again anyway.

Thanks. I like this place we live in. I love it. I really want us to stick around, create and share the wealth, long enough and well enough, to find out what’s really going on. Let’s make the Futureperfect.


About John M

Architect, urban designer with Resource Vision sustainable design studio. Founder of Futureperfect.

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