Feel-Good, Do-Good Food: Part 3 

The value of a sure thing and the value of surpise

Favorite places

When I lived in London, I made it my business (within the limits of my waitress’ salary) to try different restaurants, cafes,

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bakeries or markets whenever I had the day off. London is perfect for this. One of my favourites was Ottolenghi, where I would grab a croissant made in the traditional french method whenever I passed. Since I lived on the same street it happened almost everyday, unless I was late to my shift at the restaurant where I worked, which was situated on the same street, between my flat and Ottolenghi. Another great was Public House– butternut soup, wood pigeon salad and a cheese platter, accompanied by the bartenders recommendation of a cocktail while I waited, and a glass of wine with the food. If I ventured into Soho then coffee and sometimes breakfast would come from one of two places: Milkbar or Fernandez and Wells, St Annes Court. The people at Milkbar made coffee like it was nobody’s business, and served up a mean scrambled eggs on toast, fried up on a two-plate portable electric stove. Fernandez and Wells on St Annes court is tiny- the kick from their tripple ristretto however, is not. When I was peckish my coffee was ordered with a perfect pastis de nata. If it was breakfast I was after then a fresh white bun was toasted, while someone fried an egg and some strips of pancetta in what looked like a grilled sandwich machine- I have no words to describe how good it was, besides maybe toasted clouds served with a slice of heaven?

Back to reality, back to Stockholm

Now I’m a student, and I can’t afford to go around town collecting favourite eateries and cafes. But I do keep my eyes open for places that I’m going to try as soon as I join the legions of the employed. As is my habit, places near my work and home are the first on my list. Since this is Stockholm, my home has been about 5 or 6 different flats in

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the last two years, so I’ll move on to work. On my way to Futureperfect Headquarters (i.e The Hub on Riddargatan) I pass two places that look seriously tempting- the one is a little cafe/bakery on Riddargatan and the other is small restaurant around the corner- Speceriet. Everytime I walk past Speceriet I see delicious looking food and people who appear to be having a really good time. I mentioned this to Gabriella (with whom I work at Futureperfect) and what do you know, the team behind Speceriet are going to be presenting a seminar at Futureperfect 2013! The two chefs, Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr also run a concept restaurant- Gastrologik
and their work at Gastrologik will be the focus of the seminar.



Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 3.13.08 PM

What makes Gastrologik so interesting, besides the beautiful dishes, is that it is a restaurant without a menu, where what is being served depends entirely on what is available- supply, as opposed to what is expected- demand. A noteworthy development in the restaurant industry- one that demonstrates what can be achieved when adapting our current practices and beliefs to reflect a sustainable outlook. On Friday the 16th of August, these two michelin star-awarded chefs will first demonstrate this by preparing lunch at Grinda Wärdshus at 12:30, before going down to the lawn at 16:30, where they will discuss the thinking and process of their Gastro-logic.

Don’t wait!

Seriously, don’t. Get involved! We’re offering you a chance to help build a culture and community, connecting you to conversations

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and people that will help you shape the type of future you want to see. Get your ticket to Futureperfect 2013 on Grinda island, it is going to be a very special 3 days made possible by energy, commitment and passion, with so much on offer: speakers who are at the forefront of their industry, a network of people who are active and engaged, memorable discussions, music and activities. Follow @_futurperfect on twitter and instagram and like FUTUREPERFECT on facebook for more info and updates on the event.


photo: gastrologik.se


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Student, volunteer at Futureperfect, idealist who thinks it's better to have high standards and come as close as possible, than set the bar low.

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