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  • Posted 7 years ago
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Felix Lancelot grew up in Guadaloupe in the West Indies and has for many years studied morphopsychology, yoga and tai chi. He is a master of karate and an internationally respected Slowemotion artist.

His performances have enhanced opening ceremonies all over the world. His Slowemotion performances include the opening ceremony of the Las Vegas Convention Center in 1994, the World Track and   Field Championships in Gothenburg in 1995, Broadening the Vision SPA-98 in Colorado Springs and   the ISP-Euro-98 in Austria. He even performed at the Official MTV Gala 2000 at Berns in Stockholm.   In 2002 Felix had the honor of performing at the Executive Forum at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, where Bill Clinton was one of the participants.

Since many years ago he offer Slowemotions workshops.